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All Your Questions, Answered

How long in advance do I need to make my reservation?

We take bookings anywhere from one year in advance to a couple of weeks before your trip! For best availability, we recommend booking a minimum of six months before you plan to depart.

How much will it cost to rent Greta?

Great question! However, the answer will vary depending on multiple factors. Greta has a per night fee of $215 and allows traveling up to 100 miles per day of your rental. Other factors affecting the cost include: additional miles, the condition you return her in (I.e. emptying waste tanks/filling up the gas tank), and if you are bringing your furry friends along with you on your trip. We also offer a 10% discount on rentals longer than 7 nights and a 20% discount for rentals of 28 nights or longer.

Do you provide insurance if my insurance company is not able offer it?

Yes! We work with a trusted and reasonable insurance company to ensure that both parties are mutually provided for, and allow you to worry about what matters most on your trip: having fun and making memories!

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